This year the Munich Mini Mambo Festival will take place for the second time. The exquisite choice of the artists and trainers invests the event with an extraordinary character and has a precious dancing program for the enhancement of your personal dancing skills in store. For one day you will get abducted in the smooth and elegant world of Mambo, also called Salsa on2 or Salsa New York Style. Throughout the Festival you will be accompanied by national and international renowned teachers and artists. This event is a unique opportunity for you to procure a broad insight in the stained dance palette of Mambo. And this you get with a guarantee for a lot of fun and delight, but also combined with diligence and perspiration. This is the best chance to meet new dance teachers, to gain interesting dance impressions and of course, to spend a great time with nice people in the beautiful and canny city Munich.

The number of participants is limited, so get your full pass as soon as possible!!!

Swing Cafe Bar
Am Harras 2
81373 Munich

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